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Your Kingdom Love Series: Kindness

Kindness is a powerful but often overlooked quality in relationships. It means being friendly, helpful, nice, and considerate. In marriage, kindness can turn an ordinary relationship into an extraordinary one. It creates a deep friendship and sets the stage for teamwork and trust to grow. It's like a special light that softens your spouse's heart, allowing a strong partnership to form.

Here are 10 Ways to Be Kind in Your Marriage:

  • Give Your Full Attention: When your spouse talks, pay close attention.

  • Say Thanks: Show appreciation for what your spouse does for you.

  • Solve Fights Nicely: When you disagree, work together to find a solution without arguing.

  • Decide Together: Make important decisions as a team, considering both viewpoints.

  • Support Each Other's Goals: Help and encourage each other to achieve your personal dreams.

  • Apologize When You're Wrong: Admit your mistakes and say sorry sincerely.

  • Say "Thank You": Don't forget to show gratitude for the little things.

  • Pray for Them: Include your spouse in your prayers for their happiness.

  • Be Considerate: Show you care by being thoughtful and understanding.

  • Respect Each Other: Always talk and act in a way that shows respect.

This list is just a start; there are many more ways to be kind in your marriage. Proverbs 11:17 says, "Those who are kind benefit themselves, but the cruel bring ruin on themselves." Being kind not only strengthens your bond but also makes your own life better. So, let kindness shine in your marriage!

Kindness is personal, and everyone has their way of being kind. I'd love to hear your thoughts. How do you (or will you) show kindness in your marriage?

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