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You Got A Special Delivery

Did you know that every morning, the Lord sends brand new packages to the front door of your heart? Every single morning, without fail, a special delivery arrives with a new supply of divine blessings perfectly tailored for your day. It's a beautiful reminder of the incredible love and care that God showers upon us. In this blog post, we'll explore the amazing gifts that God delivers to us daily and how it's up to us to recognize, accept, and enjoy them.

  • Joy

  • Peace

  • Love

  • Kindness

  • Protection

  • Provision

  • Wisdom

  • Salvation

  • Mercy

  • Grace

  • Healing

  • Hope

What's truly amazing about these blessings is that they are customized for each day. God knows exactly what we'll need, and even if we have some blessings leftover from the day before, He'll still deliver a fresh supply. It's as if our cups are constantly overflowing with His love and care. You should be running with joy at this thought!

It's up to you to recognize, accept, and open these daily packages of blessings. Don't let anything or anyone cause you to ignore the wonderful gifts God left on the porch of your heart today. Sometimes, life's challenges can distract us from the incredible blessings that surround us. But remember, you can always stop, reset, and go back to open the gifts God delivered to you. It's never too late to unwrap His love, grace, and mercy.

If you woke up today, then you received the delivery! As Psalm 68:19 reminds us, "Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation!" Embrace each day with gratitude and a heart full of joy, knowing that God's special delivery is there for you, every morning, without fail.

Lets pray....

Father, we want to express our gratitude for your unwavering faithfulness in thinking about us each morning. Your thoughtfulness and kindness mean the world to us. We ask for the strength not to be distracted by life's problems, which might cause us to overlook the gifts you've taken the time to prepare for us. We never want to be ungrateful for all that you do for us. We want to show our love and devotion to you by accepting and using the gifts you've provided for us today. You are the GREATEST God, and there is none like you. Yesterday is behind us, and today is a fresh beginning. We look forward to the plans you have laid out for us today. Thank you for your immeasurable love and kindness towards us. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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