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The Armor of God Explained

Belt of Truth

When God tells us to "gird our waist with truth," He means we should prepare ourselves with the truth. It's like getting mentally and emotionally ready to face tough situations with determination. Accept that we are in a spiritual battle with the kingdom of darkness. Don't be ignorant of how the enemy can attack us. Be aware of his tactics to lead us into temptation or make us stumble in fear. Know our REAL enemy and understand how to defeat him. Learn which weapons work against his kingdom. Understanding the Word of God is HOW we gird our waist with truth. We have to know HOW the Word of God applies to our situation.

Breastplate of Righteousness

The breastplate of righteousness serves as protection for our heart. So, God is instructing us to shield our heart with righteousness, which means keeping our heart pure. The enemy's primary target is our heart because he understands that from it flow the issues of life. If our heart is corrupted, our life will be affected as well. The Bible also emphasizes that without a pure heart, we cannot enter God's presence (Psalm 24) where His protection is (Psalm 91). So, some of the enemy's attacks are specifically aimed at the heart to corrupt it. It's important to remember that these attacks that the Bible refers to as “fiery darts” are often DISGUISED as thoughts, memories, and emotions.

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

In our journey, every step we take should be filled with peace and confidence. God wants us to feel secure in His presence and trust His protection in whatever we do. Our feet should be ready to follow God's path without fear or confusion. This kind of peace is what God wants us to have. Remember, we can't fight well if we're scared or confused. So, God tells us to wear shoes that symbolize the "good news" of peace. With the peace we have, we can also share this Gospel with others, filled with assurance and authority, knowing that God will stand by us.

Shield of Faith

The shield of faith is our defense for our mind and heart. We create this faith shield by reading the Word of God. Romans 10:17 tells us that faith comes from hearing the Word of God. So, the more we immerse ourselves in the Word of God, the stronger our faith shield becomes. When fiery darts like fearful thoughts, bad memories, doubts, temptations, or negative emotions come our way, the Word of God will rise in our heart and mind to dispel the devil's lies. The more we know the Word, the better it can block these fiery darts.

Helmet of Salvation

The helmet of salvation is like a protective shield for our mind. It's there to remind us constantly of the finished work of the cross – everything that happened when Jesus declared "it is finished." The devil's tactics often involve trying to paralyze us by bringing up our past sins and failures, along with thoughts of rejection, abandonment, and condemnation. These thoughts can rob us of our confidence and make us want to give up.

But here's the beauty of the helmet of salvation: it serves as a reminder that Jesus died for all our sins, setting us free from the chains of guilt and bondage from our past. It also reassures us of our worth and value in God's eyes. This helmet is meant to protect our minds from feelings of inadequacy, guilt, shame, and regret, keeping us from falling into dark mental spaces where we become vulnerable to the devil's attacks.

It's important to remember that salvation is more than just Jesus dying for our sins; God wants us to remember everything that took place at the cross:

  • Forgiveness of Sins

  • Justification

  • Atonement

  • Redemption

  • Eternal Life

  • Adoption

  • Regeneration

  • Sanctification

  • Deliverance from the Power of Sin

  • Resurrection

  • Reconciliation

  • Peace with God

  • Inheritance

  • Victory Over the Enemy

  • Grace and Mercy

  • Assurance of Salvation

  • Healing

  • Citizenship in God's Kingdom

  • Access to God in Prayer

  • Restoration of God's Image

Sword of the Spirit

The sword of the Spirit is the only weapon mentioned in the armor of God, and it's our offensive tool. The Bible tells us that this sword is the Word of God. Once again, understanding the Word of God is crucial to defend ourselves against the enemy's attacks. On this journey, there will be times when we need to take the offensive, prophesying, decreeing, declaring, renouncing, and demolishing – all through the Word of God. To be spiritually dangerous, we must have a thorough knowledge of the Word of God.

The Word of God holds immense power because it's alive. The key is learning how to use the Word of God effectively in all situations.

So to stand firmly and avoid and not be harmed, we don’t have a choice BUT to put on the whole armor.

Scriptures referenced: Ephesians 6:10-17; Isaiah 54:17; Psalm 24:3; Psalm 91:1

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