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Kingdom Marriages: God's Weapon Against Darkness

Throughout history, God has chosen people to rescue His people and reestablish His will on Earth. We see this with Moses, Jesus, Gideon, Deborah, and many others. They played major roles in fulfilling God's plan to save His people.

Before the spiritual war on marriages, it was less complicated, and people had more freedom to choose their spouses. In this season however, God is carefully matching people whose gifts and calling will have the most impact in fighting the kingdom of darkness. He chose those who were in bondage to the feminist movement, LGBTQ+, fatherlessness, abortion, sexual immorality, and everything else attacking the sanctity of the family. God plucked them out of slavery and is preparing them to go back to deliver others. These couples will deliver people from spiritual slavery and work to implement God's will on earth.

Satan's agenda is to destroy marriages and families, which will make society less stable, lead to mental instability, and make people more wicked. Kingdom Marriages is God's weapon against this agenda. God is building a mighty army to fight the darkness invading families and communities. They will be examples of hope and righteousness in a world that is constantly fighting God's values.

The world is opposed to God's idea of love, unity, and family. The enemy hates marriage because he knows the power it has, especially as a representation of the relationship between Christ and His bride. He wants to hide this revelation and block our ability to fully understand the relationship between Christ and His bride.

God has already seen these battles and has prepared a plan to defeat the enemy. This is the reason why marriage has been the subject of much discussion in the spiritual realm. The sudden explosion of interest in Kingdom marriages is a direct response to the enemy's attack on marriage and identity. The kingdom marriages that He is preparing will dismantle the enemy's strongholds and usher in a new era of God's glory.

In order to effectively fight against the enemy's agenda, God has to fortify the ones He has chosen for Kingdom marriages because they are the ones who will shine His light in the midst of the extreme darkness and display the mystery found in Ephesians 5:32.

God is even reviving old marriages that have lost their power. He is revealing His agenda to those who are already married and are in Christ. There are even some who never desired marriage or are content with being single, God is suddenly placing a desire in their hearts to be married. Why? Because marriage is more than just personal happiness; it's a fight against evil.

This is why fulfilling purpose before marriage is important. We must pursue our purpose individually to become strong warriors in God's army. We have to be setting 1000 to flight on our own so that we can set 10,000 to flight together. Both parties should be defeating darkness before coming together and when they come together as couples they will be an unstoppable force. God will multiply the results in marriage. If there's no effort, then zero times anything equals nothing.

The Kingdom Marriages movement is about equipping and empowering God's chosen people to build strong marriages that can withstand the attacks of the enemy. This movement is about bringing restoration to marriages that have been damaged by the enemy. Marriage is a battlefield. It is a place where we can fight against the enemy of God and stand for His righteousness. Those who are called to marriage are being called to a battle.

This is a crucial time for the body of Christ to stand strong and uphold the true meaning of marriage.

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