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Justice is Served...

Updated: Sep 28

Understanding God's Role as Judge:

A divine shift has taken place. We are in the season of Judgement. God, adorned in His judicial attire, is presiding over a grand symphony of justice. Just weeks ago, I had an encounter with a simple street sign that said "WAGES" and I had a revelation.I realized that divine retribution is at hand. It's an season where the seeds we've sown are being measured, and the time to reap has come. This is the time to harvest joy for the tears we have sown and it's also the time where the reckoning for the wicked has come.

Jehovah Hashopet: The Season of Divine Judgment:

In this season, God is revealing Himself as Jehovah Hashopet - our ultimate Judge. With His gavel of justice, He is ushering in His swift decrees, redemption that vindicates, and recompense. No longer will delays continue to persist, because this season comes with the consequences that are long overdue. In these moments, God's role as the Divine Arbiter comes to the forefront, which means its the conclusion of endless waiting and its time to receive responses to unanswered prayers. Each case is being carefully evaluated on the divine bench, is now ready for resolution. Justice is flowing down like a stream from Heaven.

The Essence of Judgment Season:

This moment in time is not to be taken lightly; It's a pivotal time that requires the prayers of the saints. The doors He opens can not be shut, and those He shuts will remain closed no matter what. God, the Vinedresser, is entering His garden, tending to the fruits of His labor. A careful inspection is occurring—He's checking grafting, uprooting weeds, and tossing the barren branches in the fire. Matthew 3:10 God talks about judging trees by their fruit, in the time of judgment, He closely examines the fruit that people have produced. He's checking our actions to see if we've done well with what he entrusted us with.

Balancing the Scales:

Expanding on Luke 3:5, which talks about God making things fair, we find Him acting as a just Judge. He observes the unnoticed, just like how He levels mountains and raises valleys. In times of judgment, fairness is established, making sure that both good and bad are acknowledged. So this is a significant time of both sorrow and joy.

What to Expect:

  • Promotions and terminations

  • Immediate healing and unexpected deaths

  • Those who have escaped consequences for their wrongdoing for so long will now face judgment.

  • Judgement in the Church

  • Sudden favor

  • Reward and multiplication for faithful, good stewards

  • Loss of gifts and blessings for neglectful, irresponsible, and unfruitful steward

How to Respond:

In times of judgment, we can keep pure hearts by praying for mercy. God prefers to show mercy, and it is our hope to witness the Kingdom of God grow. As the Scripture tells us in Matthew 5:7, those who are merciful will also receive mercy when they need it. Use this moment to intercede for the repentance and salvation of the unrighteous.

"For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment." - James 2:13


The season of judgement and vindication is extremely important. As we go through these divine proceedings, we can be reassured that the tears we shed will lead to joy, and the wicked and irreverent will not escape the justice of God. Let us fully acknowledge this season with fervent prayers for mercy and justice, as God brings order as the ultimate Judge.

Scripture References: Romans 6:23, Mark 11:22-24, Luke 3:5, Matthew 3:10, Ecclesiastes 3:17

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